Ma Haixu: Why Huawei’s 5G Core Solution Received the Best Network Software Breakthrough Award

Huawei's 5G Core Solution won the “Best Network Software Breakthrough” award at Mobile World Congress 2018. What is the mystery of Huawei's 5G core to win the highest honor in the mobile communications field? Let's listen to the answer of Mr. Ma Haixu, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line.

Huawei 5G Core uses all-cloud and microservice-centric software architecture to support 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G simultaneously, and smooth evolution from NSA (Non Standalone) to SA (Standalone).

In addition, the flexible distributed network architecture of Huawei's all-cloud 5G core network breaks the traditional shackles. By using the CUPS (control and user plane separation) technology, it helps operators deploy the control planes in central offices, and the user planes can be flexibly deployed based on service scenarios. For example, for eMBB services such as AR/VR and HD IPTV over WTTx, the user planes can be sunk to the edge of the network to minimize the roundabout traffic on the backbone network and achieve ultra-low latency and zero congestion.

Finally, the all-cloud 5G core network is the basis of network slicing. As a new business model in the 5G era, network slicing will help carriers achieve multiple virtual networks on one physical network and enable business transformation from the personnel market to the vertical market to support the digitalization of the entire industry.

As of the end of 2017, based on the 5G Core solution, Huawei has deployed 15 pre-commercial sites around the world, and has launched a series of innovative projects, including the Slice Mall Innovation Project, collaborated with global leading operators and vertical partners to accelerate industry incubation and business implementation.