Huawei Day0 Forum 2019 Mobile World Congress 2019 - Huawei

Huawei Day0 Forum 2019

At this year's forum, we discussed how to build a leading 5G network, how to unlock the business value of 5G, and how to enable 5G industry development. We discussed the use of 5G technology in improving the efficiency of digital platforms and services, and in accelerating the digital transformation of operators' business operations. At the same time, we explored how operators can harness innovations that are applicable to multiple scenarios to generate new growth in personal, home, and enterprise services.






Industry Insights

24 February 16:30 - 18:30
W Hotel, Barcelona

  • 5G is ON

    • Share commercial experience with 5G
    • Discuss how to build leading 5G network capabilities and business models
    • Promote 5G application incubation and ecosystem building
    • Create a greener, smarter, safer 5G city

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  • Innovation Inspiring New Growth

    • Share best practices in technological innovation and business model optimization
    • Explore how to generate growth in personal, home, and enterprise services
    • Brainstorm how to improve network efficiency and value

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  • Accelerate Transformation Towards Digital Business

    • Focus on digital transformation and new practices
    • Develop digital platforms and services for more efficient ICT infrastructure
    • Drive growth through better services and customer experience
    • Accelerate digital transformation to achieve business success

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Looking Back on 2018

At the Huawei Digital Transformation Forum 2018, Huawei discussed five topics with over 500 global telecom industry elites, leading industry thinkers, and ecosystem partners: 5G, unlocking new economic value, B2B, Big Video, and operations transformation. We explored how operators can overcome traditional boundaries in terms of capability, connectivity, operations, customer experience, and collaboration. We also shared insights on how to accelerate digital transformation in the all-cloud era, build more partnerships, and develop digital ecosystems and digital infrastructure.

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