Storage Consolidation Solution

Specifically designed for three main carrier BSS service scenarios (legacy device upgrade, integrated storage management, and virtual resource consolidation and reuse), Huawei Storage Consolidation Solution uses mid-range and high-end storage systems to consolidate existing storage devices on the live network. Huawei professional service teams ensure efficient and secure migration of data from third-party systems to Huawei OceanStor offerings. Specifically, OceanStor V3 mid-range and high-end storage systems or OceanStor 18000 V3 storage systems featuring outstanding performance and high specifications are leveraged to address requirements in the three main scenarios.

Customer Value

Efficient consolidation

Storage configurations are optimized specifically for carriers' service scenarios to shorten the service rollout period

Minimized OPEX

Storage pools are built for unified storage management, service orchestration, and on-demand provisioning


The open architecture is compatible with OpenStack and third-party Systems


Controllers' scale-out design enables storage performance to increase linearly with capacity