ES3000 V2 PCIe SSD Card

Solve storage IO bottlenecks to unleash a server’s potential with Huawei ES3000 V2 PCIe SSD cards. Improve system resource utilization with these cards that are specifically designed to accelerate business applications, while also reducing your TCO.

• Provides full-height, half-length and low profile form factors, ranging from 600 GB to 3.2 TB of capacity options.

• 19/20 nm NAND flash, up to 770K read and 230K write stable IOPS performance.

• Embedded ECC and dynamic RAID5 engine to ensure data reliability. Dynamic RAID algorithm provides resource sharing between channels to avoid loss of data due to channel failure.

• Data classification and management with advanced wear algorithm, reducing write wear, improving service life. Supports power-down protection to ensure data integrity.