OceanStor 18000 V3 Series Storage Systems

The OceanStor 18000 V3 series storage systems are the new benchmark for high-end storage, providing the best data services for enterprises’ mission-critical businesses.

Scalable to 16 controllers, 16 TB of cache, and 27.6 PB total capacity, the 18000 V3 system handles large-scale OLTP and OLAP database applications with ease. The system’s 3 million IOPS and extremely low latency give life to cloud computing applications.

Available in 2 models for large-scale, data-intensive applications in telecommunications industries.

• Reliable: Exclusive SmartMatrix 2.0 system architecture can tolerate dual points of failure and the system supports active-active, gateway-less deployment, ensuring continuous, resilient service

• Powerful: Industry-leading 3 million IOPS with less than 1 ms consistent latency provide responsive and ensure resilient, fault-tolerant performance of mission-critical applications

• Future-oriented: Convergence of file, flash, backup, high-end, mid-range, entry-level storage and third-party storage provide maximum flexibility and ensure long-term value