OceanStor UDS Massive Storage System

Offers high-density, low-power storage nodes and P2P distributed storage engines to achieve extensive scalability and low cost of ownership.

The UDS works with application systems using standard interfaces to implement end-to-end solutions such as mass resource pools, web disks, cloud backup, and active archives. The system’s minimum extension units are SmartDisks, which enable linear performance increases with capacity expansion.

For telecommunications carriers implementing cloud storage, the OceanStor UDS provides the ideal mix of cost-effective scalability, performance, and reliability.

• 75 disk slots in each 4U enclosure enable more than 2 PB capacity per cabinet

• ARM processors in each SmartDisk dynamically manage power consumption to achieve a maximum power consumption per terabyte of only 4.2W

• The CPU and network resources in each SmartDisk enable a decentralized architecture that completely isolates any disk faults and allows easy EB-level storage scalability

• A powerful self-healing function implements parallel data recovery on multiple nodes, transparent to application systems; data is distributed among disks based on a hash algorithm and automatically rebalanced