FusionInsight-Universe Analytics Platform

FusionInsight-Universe Big Data Analytics Platform is a business-driven top-of-the-industry big data analytics system, composing of Customer Insight, Video Insight, RTD, Data Openness Framework sub-products etc.

It aims to help telecom operators to solve these typical problems in terms of big data:

Cross-department cross-domain data integration and governance

Customer-centric data-driven smart operation, empower all department with big data analytics capabilities

Leveraging data assets and capabilities to drive innovation and build open data business ecosystem

It is believed that big data will become a key driving force for telecom operators to transform and win in the more and more competitive future. With Universe Big Data Analytics solution, operators will be able to build their own strong big data operating capabilities and acquire a strong engine to boost their businesses.

Big Data Analytics solution contains three key components: Universe Data Factory, Universe Wisdom Center, Universe Data Operation Platform (DOP).

Data Factory helps operators to ingest, normalize, integrate and govern data from multiple sources with various data formats. It also facilitates easy and free data sharing across all operator departments.

Wisdom Center helps operators to harvest the hidden knowledge from data collected by Data Factory. Along with real-time analytics and decision-making, it assists operators with agile business decision-making capability.

Data Operation Platform gives operators the capabilities of data analytics application development and openness of its capabilities to aggregate partnership with varied expertise to innovate new businesses, cross-industry big data application and services for example.

Within each of the three key components and also interfaces between each module, the solution has serious authentication and security features to make sure that customer privacy and data security will not be violated or compromised.