Connectivity Enablement Platform (CEP) Cloud

The IoT industry will become the innovative market for revenue increase in the future for telecom carriers' communications services in the future. However, in the industry ecosystem, diversified requirements of different vertical industries ,how to manage massive connections through efficient costs & find new opportunities for growth become new challenges.

Connection is the foundation of the IoT ecosystem. The connection management platform is the core control point for carriers in the IoT world. Huawei Software creates agile and efficient CEP Cloud based on telecom industry's technical accumulation and business practices. The platform enables telecom carriers to quickly manage massive connections by using cloud services.

Huawei CEP Cloud:Minimize per connection OPEX, efficiently manage billions of IoT connection. Enterprise self-service Potal, real-time card status management, and connection diagnosis

  • Massive Connectivity Management:2M Card Activation in 1 hour, 10x more than TOP Vendor. Enterprise self-service Potal, real-time card status management and connection diagnosis
  • Simple Catalog configuration and workflow: Match Huawei's InTouch Market ecosystem with top-quality products and solutions, 7 days TTM, 80% of Order Captured with 5 steps
  • Rental principle, reduce TTM: Pay as you use, Reduce investment risk, rapid cloudify launch in 6 months
  • Assimilate Industry knowledge& consolidate product capabilities: support CSP monetization with life cycle management of four types of industries and 11 tariff templates.40+ Open APIs support quick integration and service innovation.
  • Quick integration and service innovation