Contact Centre

Operators, in the course exploring digital transformation and practice, need to enhance customer experience incessantly in providing customer service, strengthen operation efficiency, increase revenue and reduce cost.

Huawei contact center, through rich digital channels, unification of traditional channels as well as cross channel collaboration enhancing customer experience, accelerates operators in internet transformation. Operation management suite is accumulated with rich telecom industry experience, enabling global operators in best practices sharing, operation quality and service efficiency enhancement, achieving intelligent operation. Pre-embedded telecom customer service and sales & marketing business processes and templates enable highly efficient services to customers, effective sales & marketing development and revenue increase. The end-to-end cloud based solution reduces TCO, supporting centralized deployment and operation.

Huawei has been focusing on operator customer service for more than 20 years, achieving:

  • Unified multi-channel access and collaboration: multi-channel access includes voice, video, USSD, SMS, Email, IM, Social Media, mobile App…etc. channels. Cross channel collaboration brings about unified customer experience and high seat efficiency in the course of customer contact during interchange between multimedia channels.
  • E2E cloud based solution: enables IaaS, PaaS, SaaS; CCaaS shortened TTM (Time-To-Market) and increased revenue; Unified management and deployment, flexible business expansion and contraction, fast automatic extension of business handling capability and resource sharing enabled; Active-Active disaster recovery and seamless cut-over in second during fault supported.
  • Customer service and sales & marketing: 360〫customer view, seamless convergence between contact channels and customer businesses, reduce agent talk time, enhancing seat efficiency and customer experience. Knowledge editing, close collaboration between search and application with multi-channels, telecom business category and work flow templates pre-set in work process. Embedded multi-channels enable timely sending of complaint handling progress to customers.
  • Operation management suite: Smart Service Operation Center (SSOC) realizes centralized operation management, real time KPI monitoring and visualized display, enhancing effectively operation management level. Service policy accumulates operation experience into the system, realizing operation management automated. Complete operation management suite provisioned including voice & screen recording, quality assurance, WFM (Work-Force-Management), monitoring, reporting and analysis.