AEP(API Enablement Platform)

API Exposure is to monetize carrier’s digital assets, and it’s the necessary way to digital service transformation.

As waves of technology keep on growing from internet to World Wide Web to digital services era, we are in world of consolidation of telecom and web to a new powerful system. It is found that Operators networks still remain under-utilized by the millions of 3rd parties, developers etc. in bringing enablement to the business.

Huawei AEP solution is an E2E ICT solution that aims to help operators to create successful partnerships to build a digital ecosystem that enables a culture of innovation, by exposing their core digital assets such as voice, payment, message, FBB/MBB QoS, etc.

The solution provides unified open digital platform, support to aggregate and distribute ready-to-go global digital services and contents of various domains  (individual, home, enterprise , industry ),  and manage the agile digital business operations  in cloud.

Customer Value

Pipe Operation

Operators wholesales capacity to activate the current network assets, supporting large pipe flow

New Revenue Source

By capability exposure, operators build innovation digital service ecosystem and acquire new value chain positioning in the digital economy

Enables the Digitaltransformation

Exposure operator’s digital assets to partners, getting innovated with digital services