Customer Value

Professional Content Network Service

Provides the up-to-date website library upgrade, service awareness library upgrade, internet protocols development, network quality diagnostic and subscriber QoE measurement, ensure the system run at the optimum condition

Service Chain Plug & Play

Compliant with industry standard and takes into account variable requirements from network, content delivery and user QoE to steer traffic and process service on-demand

Distributed Deployment & Smart Control

Consolidates the isolated service nodes in RAN, Core and Backbone with smart policy decision and steering, makes them into a mobile content delivery network to achieve the E2E assurance of user experience and best network efficiency

Best User Experience

Constructs E2E Content Delivery Network that can save up to 40% transit cost fee, the peak-time wireless bandwidth can be saved up to 35%, and the subscriber downloading speed can be improved by 20%

SDN/NFV Based Architecture

Compliant with 3GPP FMSS, ETSI NFV, ETSI MEC and IETF SFC standards, and supports multi-layer deployments in NFV-based network environment, thereby helps reduce TCO and maximize investment guarantee