Mobile Money

Two billion people remain unbanked across the world, without access to safe, secure and affordable financial services. Two thirds have access to mobile communications services.

Huawei Mobile Money focuses on enabling service providers to transform lifestyles of its customers by delivering a superior mobile and agent experience, innovating and integrating financial products and services -- delivered from a proven, trusted platform. It provides mobile wallet services (such as cash-in, cash-out and P2P transfer) and bill payments transacted seamlessly through feature or smart phones using communications network capabilities. It adds sophisticated open payment gateway functionality to enable merchants to accept payments through various payment methods, such as mobile wallet, bank card, and credit card.

Huawei Mobile Money has been commercially deployed in 19 countries. It serves over 152 million users globally, accounting for 27% of the world’s registered mobile money accounts.

Customer Value

Rich Services

Highly flexible services, from mobile wallet services such as cash in/out and P2P transfer) through mobile payment services like Bill and NFC payment, to mobile financial services such as savings and overdraft provision

Trusted Platform

Built ground-up incorporating advanced authentication and encryption technology to protect customers’ sensitive information. Transaction integrity is ensured through software and hardware (HSM, hardware security module) dual encryption, three site local disaster recovery (LDR) solution and message-logging mechanisms. Compliant and certified by ISO 27001 /PCI-DSS (PA-DSS).

Superior Experience

The proven performance, scalability and reliability of Huawei Mobile Money enables operators to provide a real-time, frictionless experience to customers and agents which enhances retention and promotes transaction frequency.

Open Ecosystem

Featuring over 400 APIs accessed via an open developer platform which enables fast integration and on-boarding with agents, merchants and partners. Pre-integration with leading 3rd party financial partners, including HomeSend, Western Union, KCB Bank and Waseela Bank.