Digital economy is impacting on Telco industry. Customer behavior, operation mode, and value ecosystem are all changing, CSPs need to reconstruct there IT system regarding customer, product, service, marketing & sales partners, and infrastructure. Huawei's new generation BSS - Business Enabling System redefines BSS from supporting business operation to enabling digital operation for CSPs.

Customer Value

'ROADS' Customer Experience

ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, Social) customer experience in an internet style


Supporting for multi-channel customer journeys with all online marketing, sales and service while enabling cross-channel collaboration

Diverse Product

Flexible and fast configuration with diversified products from both Telco operators and 3rd party partners

Open Value Chain

Aggregate diverse partners such as dealer / merchant / wholesaler / suppliers. Easy contract & agreement, quick on-boarding, visual shop decoration and flexible settlement

Business Model

Enabling B2C / B2B2C / C2C business model