Based on the new generation of SNE (service network engine), Huawei AAA can provide appropriate solution according to the specific business scenarios and networks, the common used solutions are AAA for WLAN, AAA for fixed network and AAA for macro network (the macro network can be subdivided into three solution forms including C/LTE,G/U/LTE).

  • One system support all kinds of networks.
  • Capabilities Openness. Such as open Portal to merchants, allow DIY self-portal according to time, location etc. Open QoS to OTT, realize service based QoS etc.
  • Agile Cloud Architecture. Decoupled application and data, network and services, baseline and customization, reduce TTM from months to days.
  • Full Service Operation. Support improve revenue fro

Customer Value

Enterprise level data exchange center, not only handle CDR.

Multiple networks support


Multiple services

Traditional telecom services and future data exchange, such as M2M, MBB, OTT etc.


rich experience with main stream vendors.