Huawei Envision

Video has become the fundamental information bearer of the intelligent world. It is evolving from a basic service to a premium service for operators. Video is destined to drive industrial upgrade, bringing huge market potential. Powered by an intelligent platform, a ubiquitous CDN, and a series of software-defined STBs, Huawei Envision is committed to delivering the best video experience network, thereby accelerating business success for operators.

Envision Video Platform: Leverages AI to provide ubiquitous connection, seamless interaction, agile cloudification, and intelligent operations.

Envision CDN: Transforms from "a big hard disk" to "an intelligent media pipe" to provide
ubiquitous services powered by content and computing, contributing to the deployment
of the best video experience network.

Envision STB: Delivers a series of software-defined smart STBs to meet the requirements of
diversified service scenarios, achieving visual, media, and ecosystem intelligence.

Customer Value

Differentiated Experience

Focus on the concept of "fast, simple, enjoyable, and caring" to deliver a superb experience with natural and seamless interaction, 4K UHD, "Video+", and more.

Intelligent Operations

Provide personalized recommendations and a unified intelligent search mechanism by utilizing a knowledge graph and artificial intelligence (AI).

Agility & Cloudification

Leverage the cloudified microservice architecture to enable short TTM with automatic deployment and gray release; implement agile maintenance to make user experience measurable, faults diagnosable, and service optimizable, and provide better support for remote service.

Open Ecosystem

Facilitate content aggregation and device integration; learn from third-party best practices to deliver the best possible video experience and drive industrial upgrade.