Video Function Cloud

Both mobile and fixed line Carriers are increasingly investing in capacity to keep up with the exponential growth of video traffic in their core and metro networks.Consumers, Verticals and 3rd party applications continue to generate new video sources and end-points, and increasingly embed Video as a component of their services.

Video Function Cloud represents a Carrier Centric solution to efficiently and intelligently manage the transit of video through the network. Its dynamic cloud-native set of Video Processing and Storage services are managed using a Smart Orchestration layer, to optimise and support this “mesh of video” transits on a Carrier’s core and Regional networks, thereby optimising Storage, Processing and Network resources dynamically.

Customer Value

Agile New Services and Business

Video Function Cloud enhances and integrates with 3rd parties services with innovation and rapid deployment to create new monetisation opportunities for video in 3rd party applications.

Rich Features

VFC allows a carrier to orchestrate rich video functions including multi-audio/multi subtitles, scrubber, blackout, Ad insertion and so on, to deliver Live, Time Shift, Catch-up TV and VoD.

Cloud Native

VFC is cloud native, allowing the immediate deployment and elastic scaling of video functions seamlessly across both public and private cloud resources.

Fast Time-to-Market

As new device types and formats must be supported on a network, VFC allows fast TTM with all video sources becoming immediately available via “Just In Time” processing.