Smart Home Solution

Smart Home is a kind of home system based on the Internet of things, home appliances, sensors and services can be connected through the communication network, and can be remote access monitoring and control. The Internet of things in the home gateway through the cable, wireless home network service standards, the management of household appliances, sensors and external systems and business communications.

By taking advantage of the traditional core network (CN), Huawei has launched the Smart Home solution, which features a flexible architecture and access independence. Huawei Smart Home solution focus on 5 scenarios: Home Surveillance, Home Security, TV Communication, Home Health and Home Energy.

Customer Value

Carrier grade platform

•99.999% availability based on NFVplatform •High scalability to enable quickly expansion •Carrier level operational portal to support massive subscriber

Mature ecosystem

•Over 200+  partners from tier1  smart home vendor 

Best user experience

•Carrier grade auth. technology to ensure user data privacy •E2E security protocol design to enable data transmission security •Best voice / video quality based on Huawei 27years CT experience

Power integration ability

•Multi Pre-integrated  sensors  from different protocol  •Light weight home gateway/IoT Agent based on OSGI FW•Rich API interface and  powerful developer portal

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