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Quidway® AR18 Series Routers are oriented to small office home office (SOHO) users. Because of the complex applications and varieties of uplink types, Quidway® AR18 Series Routers were launched as two sub-series according to the uplink interfaces, consisting of Quidway® AR18-3X Series xDSL Routers, Quidway®AR18-2X Series LAN Routers.



Network Security

Quidway® AR 18 series router provides abundant network security features, such as firewall, packet filtering, network address translation (NAT), authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA), and callback.

Building a VPN

Access VPN provides secure tunnels for small-sized users like SOHO to access the resources of company headquarters via PSTN/ISDN. Extranet VPN extends the enterprise networks to the business partners and clients, and enables different companies to communicate securely and privately over the public networks. Quidway® AR 18 series Router is mainly used at the access end of VPNs.

Dial Control Center

Quidway® AR 18 Series Routers provide perfect dial-in solutions and support two dial-in modes, namely legacy DCC and dialer profiles. In addition, they support the link layer protocols like point to point protocol (PPP), the network layer protocols like Internet protocol (IP) and Internet packet exchange (IPX); they have the capability of running multiple dynamic routing protocols on the dial-in interfaces; they thereby can satisfy various network topology requirements. The dialer profiles own more functions, and can enable multiple dial-in users to share a physical interface via the dialer pool and make different calls.


The backup center technology can greatly enhance the network reliability. The synchronous interface, asynchronous interface implement line backup and provide high reliability.

Command Line Interface

The command line interface (CLI) of Quidway® AR 18 Series Routers can be configured in common ways. No special training is needed for users.

Applications & Benefits

Broadband Access Application Scenario

AR18 series routers support Ethernet/xDSL/E1 WAN interface cards to support abundant network protocols, supplying high compatibility to traditional services. They adopt modular design to advance flexibility of networking, reducing TCO.