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AR29 series routers are a brand new product portfolio oriented to multi-service applications, delivering wire-speed and concurrent services of data, voice and video. To meet various demands of different industries, AR29 series provides unique experience of network flexibility and agility. Bearing innovative and forecasting concept in mind, AR29 integrates adaptive services into a single platform with high security and reliability, lowering network cost and uncertainty. AR29 Series Router can serve as the edge access router of large networks or carrier networks, and small enterprise branch.


AR29 adopts optimized hardware and software structure to guarantee embedded security and significant performance while providing the services covering Voice over IP (VoIP), business video and network analysis etc. By supporting more types of modules, AR29 features higher interface density and more services availability. In addition, AR29 adopts the most advanced VRP V5 software platform, providing abundant mainstream functions such as IPv6, MPLS TE etc.

AR29 series serves as midrange and low-end access router and comprise three products of AR29-01, AR29-21 and AR29-41.
AR29-01 supports two types of abundant service modules, SIC and Double-width SIC (DSIC), while AR29-21/AR29-41 support four types of abundant service modules, SIC, DSIC, MIM and double width double height (DMIM), which help AR29 to realize convergence of routing and switching functions on a unified platform. Furthermore, with scalable voice processing modules, AR29-21/AR29-41 can give much flexibility while protecting investment.

Applications & Benefits

Advanced Hardware Architecture
Built-in encryption engine, crypto-accelerator boards enhance performance;
Advanced N-Bus architecture guarantee wire speed;
New storage media :USB, CF.

Brand New Software Architecture
VRP5: high-performance, multi-service, scalable, modular and advanced operating system platform;
Abundant mainstream functions: MPLS TE, fully support IPv6.

Cost-Effective 3G Linkup
3G link enables enterprise to realize mobile-office, beyond the limit of fixed-line;
3G link supplies high reliability for less artificial factors, and saves OPEX without PL rent;
The status of 3G link monitored by NQA ensures SLA.

Multi-Service Integration Capability
Fully incorporate multiple service function: security, switching and voice;
Convergence of routing & switching.

High Cost Performance Ratio
Network processor with faster operation speed;
Highly integrated chips.

Carrier-Class Reliability
External redundant power;
Backup center.

Protecting Customer's Investment
Compatible with most of modules of AR 18/28/46 series;
Advanced software function and interface modules meet current and future application requirement.

Brand New and Stylish Design
Merge fashionable elements into the modem and simple style, better highlighting the external and internal value of the products.