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Optical Cables

An optical distribution network (ODN) consists of seven parts: OLT, feeder optical cable section, optical cable distribution point, distribution optical cable section, user access point, drop cable section, and ONT. The feeder optical cable section, distribution optical cable section, and drop cable section involve the application of optical cables. Outdoor fibers are used at the feeder optical cable section and distribution optical cable section whereas indoor fibers are used at the drop cable section and indoor terminals.

As the most effective transmission medium, optical cables can be installed in various ways: buried, installed on the wall of a pipe, mounted aerially, and installed indoors.


Currently, Huawei provides the following four types of optical cables

Tube-shaped optical cable;
Twisted optical cable;
Skeleton-shaped optical cable;
Ribbon-shaped optical cable.

Product Features

Wide frequency band;
Excellent electromagnetic insulating properties;
Low attenuation;
Greater spacing between repeaters that reduces costs.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei is committed to providing operators with highly effective and reliable ODNs that are easy to deploy and maintain. Up to date, our products have been deployed for large-scale commercial use in severalcountries and regions.