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The SmartAX MA5626 is the first passive cooling multi-dwelling unit (MDU) in the industry to support local area network (LAN) access.

The MA5626 supports five configuration specifications, namely 24 FE ports, 16 FE ports, 8 FE ports, 8 FE ports that support power over Ethernet (PoE), and 8 FE ports that support reverse PoE.

The MA5626 can be used in fiber to the building (FTTB) + LAN scenarios to provide broadband access and voice services for residential and small to medium enterprise users. It can be installed on desktops, in corridors or in cabinets.


The MA5626 features a broad ambient temperature range, low power consumption, and a quiet design, as well as a passive cooling design, which reduces power consumption.

The MA5626 can be configured remotely, and its management and service channels are automatically established once the device is powered on and has successfully registered with the upper-layer device. In addition, the MA5626 is plug-and-play and has management, maintenance, and monitoring functions to facilitate daily device management and fault diagnosis.

The MA5626 automatically adapts to GPON and GE upstream transmission modes to meet different FTTx access requirements, and it supports both the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the H.248 protocol for interconnection with softswitches.

The MA5626 has 6-kV surge protection and Type C dual-PON port protection features to ensure the reliability of the device. Moreover, the MA5626 supports PoE power supply mode, which provides a power source for Wi-Fi terminals in a fiber to the wireless (FTTW) network. It also supports reverse PoE power supply mode to provide itself with a power source.

Applications & Benefits

Thanks to the plug-and-play feature, the MA5626 has a shorter service provisioning phase, which reduces deployment costs.

The high reliability of the MA5626 helps operators reduce device maintenance costs, and the service emulation and remote fault location features of the device helps reduce operation and maintenance costs. With its energy-saving design, the MA5626 uses energy more efficiently, which in turn increases operators’ profitability.