FO OTN Fronthaul product

In the 5G era, Cloud BB will be an important solution, but Dark Fiber become the Bottleneck of Fronthaul network.

Huawei FO OTN Fronthaul Solution, supports 200Gbps huge capacity, and supports plug & play, help carries cope with the challenge.

    1. Saving 90%+ Fiber, single fiber bi-direction, single fiber carry 15 CRPI/eCPRI traffics for 4G/ 5G , and maximum save the dark fibers.
    2. “0” service interruption, high reliable: Supports 1+ 1 and ring networking, hitless protection via latency compensation technology. When the Fronthaul network protection switch, the BBU and the RRU does not need to be renegotiated, no services interrupting.
    3. FMC service access, fast ROI: Give consideration to mobile transport, FBB and enterprise service access, to maximize network value.