Agile Controller-Campus

The Agile Controller-Campus is Huawei's next-generation controller for enterprise campus and branch networks, providing cloud-based network management and software-defined networking (SDN) features. With the rapid development of cloud computing, it has become a trend that enterprise services are migrated to the cloud. Traditional campus and branch networks have low deployment efficiency, high O&M costs, and rigid policy management, which cannot meet enterprises' digital transformation requirements.

The Agile Controller-Campus is Huawei's next-generation controller for enterprise campus and branch networks. Leveraging new technologies such as cloud computing, SD-WAN, and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), it implements network virtualization, policy centralization, and cloud-based management. The Agile Controller-Campus provides enterprises with managed LAN and CloudEPN services, reduces their operating expense (OPEX), and accelerates service cloudification and digital transformation.

The Agile Controller-Campus can be used in Huawei CloudCampus Solution and Huawei SD-WAN Solution.


  • Full Lifecycle Management, Simplified O&M
    The Agile Controller-Campus supports cloud-based full lifecycle management, including planning, deployment, O&M, and preventive maintenance inspection (PMI) to implement fast network deployment and greatly reduce the OPEX of enterprises. Cloud-based WLAN Planner using the indoor plan and outdoor map ensures network signal coverage effects. Multiple plug-and-play modes, such as deployment by barcode scanning, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and registration query center, simplify network deployment. Online cloud-based PMI detects potential network problems periodically and generates professional reports. The Agile Controller-Campus provides scenario-based service configuration, geographic information system (GIS) map-based monitoring, and built-in access authentication, improving network O&M efficiency.
  • Multi-tenant Management, Authorized O&M
    The Agile Controller-Campus is a cloud-based management platform that enables sharing of physical resources and isolation of tenant data logically. Multiple tenants can use this platform on demand, without the need for additional infrastructure. Carriers can provide managed services for enterprises, extending B2B services.
  • Open and Value-Added, Building a Business Ecosystem
    Using standard RESTful APIs for association with third-party apps, the Agile Controller-Campus offers enterprises with rich value-added services, improves customer experience and service competitiveness, and helps carriers build a B2B ecosystem.


  • Fast Deployment, Accelerating SD-WAN Service Provisioning
    The Agile Controller-Campus implements automatic deployment of end-to-end network services and supports plug-and-play of all series of customer-premise equipments (CPEs) to deploy them quickly. It also supports quick configuration and automatic deployment of leased line tunnels to help carriers shorten the deployment period of end-to-end leased line services from months to days. In this way, carriers can better serve enterprises with leased line services.
  • Intelligent Traffic Steering, Improving Service Experience
    The Agile Controller-Campus can identify over 6000 applications, supports configuration of application-based intelligent traffic steering policies, detects link quality and application quality in real time, and preferentially guarantees key enterprise applications based on traffic steering policies, improving carriers' leased line service experience, and enhancing customer loyalty.
  • Visualized O&M, Making Network-wide Application Traffic Visible
    The Agile Controller-Campus supports visualized management of applications and links and displays the status of network-wide devices on the GIS map to facilitate fault location and simplify O&M. Based on detection of actual application traffic, the Agile Controller-Campus provides multi-dimensional statistical reports to implement predictive maintenance, reducing enterprise O&M costs and improving the competitiveness of carriers' leased line services.