Fronthaul Microwave Solution

In the LTE/LTE-A era, base station density increases significantly, resulting in a sharp increase in the network construction cost. Moreover, the multi-carrier aggregation technology introduced to improve the mobile broadband speed causes severe intra-frequency interferences, which can affect user experience at cell edges. The C-RAN networking mode is introduced to address these issues. Centralized networking with baseband units (BBUs) can effectively reduce network construction costs, and centralized BBU coordination enhances network performance at cell edges, making C-RAN the mainstream wireless networking mode of the future.

The Huawei microwave fronthaul solution uses E-band to transmit CPRI 7 signals and supports zero footprint installation. The microwave fronthaul solution meets the requirements on mobile bearer networks under centralized BBU deployment and is the optimal bearer solution for C-RAN in non-optical fiber scenarios in the LTE/LTE-A era.

Customer Value

TCO Savings

Lower engineering cost, operation cost and spectrum license fee

Ultra Bandwidth

Max 10Gbps E-band product supports CPRI interfaces front hauling.

Fast Deployment

Fast site acquisition, deployment and I&C

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