Premium OTN Private Line

Enterprise private lines have a high average revenue per user (ARPU), low churn rate, low price sensitivity, and significant service growth potential. In addition, enterprise private lines can also promote and be associated with individual services to help operators stably increase revenue and maximize development potential. The 80/20 rule can be applied to the enterprise private line market, as 80% of private line profits tend to come from 20% of the customers in finance and government industries. However, these industries place high requirements on private lines, and all of the requirements of high-value customers must be met

Huawei uses Multi-Service OTN (MS-OTN) and Transport SDN (TSDN) to build private line bearer networks to help operators deliver high-quality private lines for their high-value customers.

  • MS-OTN integrates packet switching and SDH technologies on an OTN platform to implement unified transmission of wavelengths, SDH services, and L2 packet services. It also carries fixed broadband, mobile broadband, and private line services. This reduces costs and simplifies system maintenance to meet future service transport requirements.
  • TSDN implements inter-layer and inter-domain centralized network control, shortening the service provisioning time from weeks to days. It also includes flexible service policies, such as a bandwidth calendar, to adapt to burst services. Service paths with guaranteed low latency satisfy high-value customers' requirements.
  • Customer Value

    Unified Bearer

    MS-OTN supports the unified access of fixed broadband, mobile broadband, and private line services.

    Agile Service

    TSDN implements on-demand service provisioning and bandwidth adjustment as required.

    Optimal Latency

    The optimal route is selected according to latency policies.

    Fast Provisioning

    Inter-vendor E2E service provisioning is implemented in minutes.

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