HVDC5000 380V systems are all-digital HVDC power systems launched by Huawei for Data Center or Centre Office. The systems use 15 kW efficient modules, offer the capacity up to 360 kW per cabinet, and support a maximum capacity of 1080 kW when cabinets are combined. Featuring high efficiency, high power density, high capacity, high reliability, low noise, environment friendliness, and easy maintenance. 

Fully modular design, flexible expansion, online operation and maintenance

Reliable: 600Vac high voltage input without breakdown, half-load power output at 65℃. No arcing when rectifier hot-swapped. 1000+ extreme tests to ensure high reliability. N+X redundant rectifier, bus-connected battery, forming double system

Efficient: 97% module efficiency, THDi<3%,green and saving. Intelligent standby technology to provide redundancy and improve efficiency

Convenient: Color LCD 7‘’ touch screen, user-friendly interface. Leading edge power density,360kW /rack, saving 40% footprint. Easy-to-use insulation monitoring design, automatic calibration and fault location

Intelligent: Visual management for all power supply nodes, bringing down OPEX effectively. Intelligent battery management extending its lifespan by 50%. Fine management for power quality and consumption. Precise fault locating and alarming