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iManager U2000

iManager U2000 Unified Network Management System (U2000 for short) was designed to efficiently and uniformly manage transport, access, and IP equipment at both the network element (NE) layer and the network layer. The U2000 provides unified management and visual O&M to help operators reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and transform networks to All-IP networks.


The U2000 inherits all functions of the T2000, N2000 BMS, and N2000 DMS, and is capable of uniformly managing transport, access, and IP equipment. Its system architecture uses flexible modularized designs. The functional modules can be customized to satisfy the requirements of diverse deployment scenarios. In addition, the U2000 supports a smooth evolution from single-domain management to multi-domain management against the background of network convergence.
The following section describes the features of the U2000.

E2E Service Provisioning

The U2000 can schedule network-wide services such as IP, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), multi-service transmission platform (MSTP), microwave, and access services. The U2000 can also efficiently provision these services to address operators' needs for rapid growth of services.

Quick and Accurate Fault Locating

The smart fault diagnosis system provided by the U2000 enables O&M engineers to locate faults within seconds and precisely identify the affected services. Additionally, the U2000 supports reporting of associated alarms to avoid fault locating being redundantly performed by different departments. The U2000 can filter relevant alarms from unimportant alarms to improve alarm relevance. The alarm filtering function reduces about 85 percent of irrelevant alarms and improves the accuracy and efficiency of fault locating.

Visual IP Network Management

The U2000 supports visual management of IP services to resolve the confusion in managing such types of services. With its unified and visual management and one-click configuration, the U2000 significantly simplifies the network O&M and shortens the IP technology learning curve for O&M engineers. Visual management of IP services cuts down the O&M costs and enhances personnel capabilities.

Quick OSS Interconnection

The U2000 provides an assortment of northbound interfaces (NBIs) such as SNMP, CORBA, XML, and FTP. These NBIs are applicable to the IP, transport, and access domains for cross-domain management. Moreover, Huawei has partnered with leading operating support system (OSS) vendors in accelerating OSS interconnection. The quick OSS interconnection has benefited 60% of top 50 operators in the world."

Applications & Benefits

To sum up, the U2000 addresses operators' needs for quick service provisioning and fault locating, helps operators resolve their bottlenecks in the All-IP transformation, and significantly reduces operational expenditure (OPEX).

Currently, the U2000 series of products are serving more than 200 operators worldwide. Huawei now leads both the bearer NMS market (25% market share) and the broadband access NMS market (29% market share). By cooperating with global mainstream OSS vendors, Huawei will continue to lead the advancements in NMS technology for next generation networks.