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OSN 500

The OptiX OSN 500 is a new-generation optical transmission equipment used at the access layer for leased line and mobile BTS access.


The OptiX OSN 500 adopts the pure packet (MPLS/MPLS-TP based) or pure TDM switch architecture and supports various service access modes.

Simple Architecture and High Integration

The OptiX OSN 500 is a type of case-shaped equipment, and features simple architecture and high integration. The dimensions of the OptiX OSN 500 chassis are as follows: 442 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 44 mm (H).

Pure-Packet or Pure TDM Architecture and Multi-Service Transmission

The OptiX OSN 500 supports service bearing in the packet transport network domain. The service bearing solution can evolve based on the service changes that may occur due to radio mobile network evolution. Thus, this solution can meet the transmission requirements of not only the second-generation and third-generation networks but also the LTE and forth-generation networks.

Support Multiple Service Access Modes, Such as CES and ATM/IMA, Flexible Networking

The OptiX OSN 500 supports the circuit emulation service (CES) technology. With CES, the OptiX OSN 500 can directly receive and transmit E1 TDM and channelized STM-1 services in the pure packet domain. In this context, the TDM domain smoothly evolves to the packet domain.

TP-Assist Helps Carefree Packet Network Maintenance

With MPLS/MPLS-TP technology, TP-Assist solution supports carefree packet network maintenance capability. TP-Assist solution does not only provide planning tools for packet network, but E2E media-independent configuration and instrument-free network deployment capability. Furthermore, rich performance monitoring and automatic fault isolation can be provided for daily network maintenance.