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RTN 900

The RTN series IP microwave radio is an all “IP” designed radio system with key Ethernet features supporting the Mobile Broadband Backhaul industry. Products include the RTN 905, RTN 910A, RTN 950,RTN 950A and RTN 980 which are based on a modular design that supports multiple microwave radio paths in one platform.

The RTN microwave radio platform can support the future All-IP applications, while ensuring that each type of traffic has the appropriate E2E QoS. The platform can also provide transmission features that include high modulation (4096QAM), adaptive modulation, Ethernet “Header” compression to help our customers lower the cost per bit transmitted, helping reduce TCO.

RTN900 series consists of the RTN 905, RTN 910A, RTN 950, RTN 950A and RTN 980. The RTN 905, 1U-high with one or two RF directions, is mainly used for access layer. The RTN 910A, 1U-high with maximum 6 RF directions, is mainly used for access layer or convergence layer. The RTN 950 / RTN 950A is 2U-high with maximum 10RF directions and is mainly used at the convergence layer. The RTN 980, a 5U-high Nodal system, can converge up to 20RF directions + 1 Add / Drop interface. All the RTN series microwave radios use the same type of Outdoor Units (ODUs) and antennas.


LTE Ready, Helps Network Evolution Towards All-IP Backhaul

The RTN 900 leading TDM/Hybrid/Packet/Routing unified platform (4 modes in 1), supports smooth evolution, allows operators to choose the optimal technology (TDM, native Ethernet, MPLS-TP or L3VPN) and timing for the network with both Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE1588v2, the RTN 900 platform meets the phase and frequency synchronization for GSM/UMTS/LTE, and operators can flexibly choose the optimal synchronization solution at each network transformation stage, instead of GPS.

Ultra Broadband, Meeting Backhaul Capacity Expansion

The RTN 900 platform utilizes hitless adaptive modulation (AM) to adjust bandwidth and enhance spectrum usage. Compared with the fixed modulation mode, the AM technology can increase transmission bandwidth by up to 4 times and cut the spectrum expense.

Thanks to the XPIC and header compression technologies, the maximized capacity of one channel can reach 2Gbit/s, providing large bandwidth for mobile backhaul. In addition, the radio supports Link Aggregation (LAG)/Enhanced Physical link aggregation (EPLA) in N+ 0(N <= 12) configuration to maximize the capacity. The Gbit/s capacity is achieved through microwave radio in traditional RF bands, meeting the bandwidth requirement of LTE.

Networking Solution, Reducing CAPEX and OPEX

With built-in Ethernet processing platform and networking with multiple RF directions, the RTN 900 platform helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX, while enhancing operation efficiency. The RTN 900 platform also features unified NMS for microwave and optical equipment, including end-to-end service provisioning. Operators can enable end-to-end service management through a simple “point and click”. And advanced TP-Assist solution, support the operation and maintenance of operators' metropolitan bearer networks as time division multiplexing (TDM) networks develop toward packet networks, care frees OAM of packet network.

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