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Metro 100

OptiX Metro 100 works at the access layer and provides STM-1 optical interface. As part of the transmission access, OptiX Metro 100 provides E1 and Ethernet access.


High Integration

OptiX Metro 100 adopt box design, with the dimension of 436mm (W) x 200mm (D) x 42mm (H); All functions are integrated in one board only except power module.

Low Power Consumption

About 17W, natural heat dissipation, no fans, no noise.

Installation Flexible

ETSI 300mm/600mm cabinet

19 inch cabinet

Outdoor cabinet

Wall-mount, desktop

Multiple Interfaces

STM-1 (o), E1 (e), FE(e), NM-LAN, alarm input/output, AC/DC interface.

Multiple Management Methods

OptiX iManager T2000/U2000 NMS

Web-LCT (Local Craft Terminal)

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) on panel

Software Online Upgrade

Metro 100 is online upgradable for system software & Logic software.

Easy OAM

Metro 100 provides LCD panel and Web-LCT configuration tool, convenient for operation and maintenance.