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OSN 2500

The OSN 2500 works at the 2.5Gbit/s or 622Mbit/s level, inherits all features of the MSTP technology, keeps compatible with traditional SDH and MSTP networks, and integrates the SDH, PDH, DDN, Ethernet, WDM, ATM, IMA, and RPR, ESCON, FICON, FC and DVB-ASI (Digital Video Broadcast-Asynchronous Serial Interface) .

OSN 2500 is used in aggregation layer & access layer, and its service board is compatible with OSN 9560/7500II/7500/3500/2500/1500. OSN 2500 supports intelligent features, automatic end-to-end service configuration, SLA, traffic engineering, timeslot defragmentation, MESH clock synchronization etc. to enhance network utilization.


Cost-effective Platform

OSN 9560/7500II/7500/3500/3500 II/2500/1500 service board & software are all compatible, significantly reducing OPEX and spare part cost.

Flexible Configuration

OSN 2500 is STM-16/4 compatible, upgradable from 622M to 2.5G.

Large Grooming Capability

OSN 2500 has 60G high order and 20G low order cross-connect capability.