iManager U2000-M is a unified element management system which provides unified O&M measures covering configuration, performance, and alarm management for multi-RAT networks. The system manages devices of different domains to improve MBB network O&M efficiency.

iManager PRS provides performance and resource visibility for MBB networks, helping carriers improve network performance through better organization, optimization, and allocation of network resources, in unison to increase network investment efficiency.

Key Feature Introduction

  • iManager U2000-M

  • Open and unified structure, facilitating smooth network evolution

    Macro network management

    Efficiency and intelligence, helping carriers expediently recover investment and reduce operating expense (OPEX)

  • iManager PRS

  • Network visibility, This function provides network capacity and KPI visibility, helping carriers detect insufficient capacity provision and quickly identify abnormal KPIs.

    Service visibility, This function provides visibility of both service-level bandwidth consumption and bandwidth control policy effects to maximize potential bandwidth usage.

    Terminal visibility, This function identifies smart terminals of high penetration rates, providing a basis for carriers to formulate smart terminal marketing strategies. Through the generation of a variety of service and signaling models related to smart terminals, this will facilitate carriers in planning of MBB networks. This function also allows for rapid identification of terminal models suffering from signaling exceptions, reducing the impact of smart terminals on networks.