Managed IT Transformation

In the era of mobile internet, IT is not only a support system, but also is a key factor to business growth. Currently IT cannot cope with business demands as it is fragmented and dated, furthermore the operation costs are too high to bear. Therefore, operators pay more attention on an overall consideration to IT infrastructure, application architecture in align with business goals while transforming their IT to centralized, virtualized and cloud enabled IT. Meanwhile IT operation needs to be evolved into standardization and automation in order to manage new IT and support operators to achieve business success in the highly competitive markets.

Huawei has a deep understanding of operators’ business demands. We are equipped with a complete IT product line and service capabilities, including a full range of IT consulting, integration and operation. Our services include but not limited to: IT capability assessment, IT transformation management and IT operation management.

IT Capability Assessment: Standing on customer's business objectives, we assess the current IT governance maturity, IT systems architecture, IT investment, and IT efficiency. After that we identify gaps, design the best transformation solution to enhance the value of IT.

IT Transformation Management: We help customers with transformation from traditional IT to cloud-based IT, provide cloud infrastructure, application migration and data migration services. As the only interface for customers, we provide end-to-end transformation management services, reduce IT transformation risk and expenses.

IT Operation Management: Based on ITIL and eTOM Operation processes, we provide customers with efficient and reliable IT services through integrated automation platform.


Agile IT

An elastic, rapid and continuous approach of simplifying IT processes to achieve enhanced and efficient IT systems and solutions.

Efficient Operation

Model developed based on eTOM and ITIL guidelines that helps operators improve operational efficiency, service assurance and service availability.

Control The Cost

Enabling transparent and manageable IT expenditure.

Accelerated business TTM

The business acceleration of TTM requires automatic distribution and deployment of key resources in accordance to standardization principles and practice.

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