SDN Network Evolution Services

Based on the future SDN network, isolated transfer and controller, open programmable features and through the first integrated service model, can help carriers to simplify multi-vendor and multi-level integration difficulties. It can also ensure the evolution of traditional networks to smoother, quicker and to a more effective SDN network.

Huawei SDN network evolution services primarily built for Agile DC, Agile WAN, CloudEdge and full-service of four scenarios network evolution to serve operator's network transformation.

Huawei also have four service capabilities to ensure smooth network evolution. They are cross-domain MV integration, ecosystems of crossing five major areas, open pre-integrated verification laboratory and a competitive tool platform.

Customer Value

Shorten time to market for new services

Shorten the traditional business time to market from months to days

Increase innovation business ARPU value

Increased by 5% -10% compared to traditional business

Smooth network evolution and smooth service migration

Network evolution and operational transition process, zero service interruption and zero user perception

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HetNet Integration

Different environments however have different features and network requirements to realize the optimal solution.

LTE Integration

For LTE networking, Huawei provides network evaluation and planning, integrated design and implementation, E2E network optimization solutions.

PCC Integration Service Solution

Provides an end to end (E2E) solution which includes consultation, network analysis, policy design, policy implementation, policy verification, and impact evaluation.

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