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Huawei CloudFabric solution aims to build an ultra-simplified, intelligent, ultra-broadband, and open cloud data center network that carriers can apply in scenarios such as private cloud, public cloud, telecom cloud, and hosting, accelerating digital transformation for carriers’ enterprise customers.

Huawei CloudFabric solution provides an open architecture for cloud services, with the industry-leading CloudEngine series data center switches and the Agile Controller as its core components. CloudEngine series switches include the flagship CloudEngine 12800 series (the world’s highest-performing core switches), high-performance CloudEngine 8800/7800/6800/5800 series fixed switches, and CloudEngine 1800V virtual switch. In addition to data center switches and the Agile Controller, CloudFabric also integrates transport, routing, security, and network management products and leverages the SDN technology to build next-generation cloud data center networks, offering an all-in-one solution for customers.

Customer Value



SDN-based cloud-and-network synergy allows services to be deployed within minutes



AI-based Big Data O&M enables data center network faults to be located within minutes



Industry’s highest-density 100G connections and E2E large buffer supports over 50,000 servers



The standard open architecture enables open-source partnership, creating an E2E open cloud ecosystem

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