network safe cover

Huawei's network security solution provides hierarchical security protection for carriers to defend against security threats, such as information leakage, pipe attacks, botnets, Trojan horses, worms, and unauthorized access. With the deepening of ICT transformation, Huawei will continue to provide carriers with intelligent network-wide security collaboration and proactive threat defense systems to build more secure and fully-connected networks.

Huawei's Carrier Network Security Solution covers access, metropolitan area network (MAN), backbone network, core network border, and cloud data center scenarios. In wireless access, IPSec encryption is used to ensure the secure transmission of data on untrusted networks. On the MAN and backbone network, innovative per-packet detection technology is used to accurately mitigate flood attack traffic. At the core network border, Huawei NGFWs protect critical data by preventing threats from entering the network. In the cloud data center, cloud-based firewalls implement security protection, adapt to cloud-based elastic requirements, and implement VM-level security isolation. In the B2B field, Huawei provides value-added security services to help carriers transform their service offerings.

Customer Value



Automatic configuration of network-wide intelligent analysis, transforming reactive defense into proactive defense



The security resource pool supports automatic scaling from 1 to 128 VMs.


Security as a Service

Multiple types of value-added security services enable carriers and providers to share profits and enhance business monetization.

Technical Topics

Huawei Cooperates with AlgoSec to Provide Efficient Firewall Policy Management for Carriers

Huawei's firewall security policy management solution helps carriers simplify security policy management and automation, enhance network security and visualization, make network security protection more efficient, and make service development more agile.

Building Professional Security Policy Management to Reduce Risk of Security Incidents

Huawei and FireMon have launched a security policy management optimization solution that provides convenient auditing tools for network security management and guidance for network security optimization.

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