Huawei SD-WAN solution provides enterprises with all-scenario and on-demand interconnection between branches, between branches and data centers, and between branches and the cloud, achieving hybrid WAN, hybrid application, and hybrid cloud. The full-series of uCPEs, vCPEs, and CPEs can serve enterprise branches of different scales and reduce carriers' expansion costs. The SD-WAN solution also supports identification of over 6,000 known and user-defined applications. Application-based intelligent traffic steering ensures lossless experience of key applications and increases bandwidth utilization to 90%. The solution provides the x86-/ARM-based open uCPEs and supports on-demand deployment of over 10 Huawei and mainstream value-added services (VASs) (such as virtual firewall and virtual WAN optimization) for enterprises.

Huawei SD-WAN solution enables carriers to provide on-demand, cost-effective, and cloud-based enterprise private line services with visualized O&M to keep creating value for carriers' B2B services.

Customer Value

Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise applications can be deployed on public and private clouds, and SD-WAN cloud services and self-built modes can be deployed on demand

Hybrid Application

Identification of 6000+ known and user-defined applications and application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration, increasing bandwidth utilization from 60% to 90%

Hybrid WAN

Description: Many types of WAN access (MPLS, Internet, and LTE), full series of uCPEs, vCPEs, and CPEs for all scenarios, and on-demand provisioning of 10+ VASs