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Smart Bandwidth Management Solution

Smart Bandwidth Management
Huawei SingleEPC can provide intelligent bandwidth management based on location, service, user and type of terminal, allowing operators to provide new services. Operators can also provide guaranteed throughput for certain terminals and certain services.

Smart Bandwidth Management solution makes proper use of network resources and maximizes returns for operators from their investments by enhancing subscriber experience. It also provides operators with business modes that create higher value and improves their network conditions.

Our Solution

Smart Bandwidth Management solution is our proprietary solution. It is implemented by using products such as the GGSN9811, UPCC, and SGSN9810 and provides operators with business modes that create higher value and improves their network conditions. In addition to solving problems related to 2G/3G access, this solution provides capabilities for managing the evolved packet core (EPC) and long term evolution (LTE) networks, and supports non-3GPP access technologies such as code division multiple access (CDMA), worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX), and WiFi. In addition, it lays a solid foundation for implementing the fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). The advantages of this solution are as follows:

Advanced Platform, Better Performance, and Higher Reliability

  • Network elements (NEs) in the control domain adopt the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) platform that has excellent computing performance. The ATCA platform ensures better performance and higher reliability of the UPCC, and SGSN9810 or USN9810. The gateway domain adopts the packet gateway platform (PGP) that provides strong routing functions. This ensures excellent performance of the GGSN9811 or UGW9811 in terms of throughput, forwarding, and reliability.

Diversified Value-added Services

  • Based on the standardized policy and charging control (PCC) system architecture, this solution provides flexible bandwidth control policies and rules. This solution provides over 12 bandwidth control methods based on the traffic type, user class, quota, terminal type, location, and time. For example, this solution provides the fair usage policy (FUP), very important person (VIP) treatment, and low-value service management.

Applications & Benefits

Smart Bandwidth Management solution has been commercially deployed at 60 sites worldwide. It helps operators innovate their business models, enhance their network competitiveness and manageability, and improve subscriber experience. With this solution, operators' comprehensive competitiveness is largely enhanced.

Issue 23(08/2015)