Telecom API Enablement

Communications services are critical enablers of the digital transformation that are occurring across the industrial landscape. CSPs have the opportunity to enable, but also to participate in these innovative new value chains by opening up their services and providing secure, flexible, performing access to their network and customer assets. Huawei API Enablement Solution delivers comprehensive lifecycle management of APIs. It offers a scalable, secure platform, optimized to perform side-by-side with the core network it integrates with. It offers an API library to accelerate TTM and market intimacy including enablers such as voice, payment, SMS, FBB/MBB and QoS.

Customer Value

Enable Digital Transformation

Expose and integrate communications services within transforming Industry value chains

Drive New Markets and Revenue

Address new and expanding markets which capitalizes on investments in network capacity

Service Ready

Comprehensive service ready solution with proven, network grade operational processes and capabilities