Cloud Transformation

Three Drivers of Carriers' Cloud Transformation:

First, business is changing. How do carriers grasp the opportunity of the rapidly growing cloud computing market?

How do they leverage their network and customer resources to explore the cloud computing market? What business models should they adopt? How do they launch their services? All these things pose a challenge to business innovation.

Second, carriers' operation models are changing. End user experience requires new operations models.

User experience includes service usage experience and service acquisition experience. Service acquisition experience is more important than service usage experience to some extent. Slow service provisioning may cause users to lose interest in their service, which is one of the reasons why carriers are outshined by OTT companies. Many of the carriers' problems may on the surface seem to be operational issues, however, they are caused by insufficient and incapable infrastructure. For example, carriers are not able to offer users on-demand and real-time online services, not because of an incapable operational system, but because the network infrastructure does not support automation.

Third, technical architecture is shifting from network-centered to DC-centered.

ICT system architecture is evolving from a closed architecture to a cloud-based Internet architecture. When carriers' IT systems go external, their technical architecture must be changed fundamentally as it now has to support hundreds of millions of subscribers instead of only tens of thousands of internal operational personnel. Traditional internal-oriented scaling-up IT architecture can no longer satisfy new service requirements in terms of openness, simplicity and scalability. Cloud-based scaling-out Internet architecture, on the other hand, can meet the demand of a massive amount of users. Internet architecture cloudification is an inevitable development that adapts to user requirements and technological development.

Business Value


Open cloud-based Internet architecture supports flexible service scaling, eliminates vendor lock-in, and cuts CAPEX and OPEX

Revenue growth

Helps carriers leverage their network and customer resources to explore the cloud computing market. New business models are enabled, creating new revenue streams for carriers


Agile O&M model: New services can be agilely launched, reducing TTM. Customers can quickly subscribe to new services, which enhances customer interest and customer loyalty

Industry Perspective

Carrier Cloud & Network Synergy to Boost Enterprise Business Experience

The cloud service market is predicted to be worth more than 3 trillion US dollars by the year 2020. Various enterprises are now entering the cloud service market. A number of world-leading telcos have positioned B2B cloud service as a strategic growth engine.

Enabling European Carriers to Embrace Digital Transformation in the B2B Markets

B2B business, especially for operators, is a growth engine. Enterprises not only need pipe access, but also want more cloud services, cloud video and so on. Carriers can offer one-stop services and a better experience to them.

Cliff Grossner talks about cloud and network synergy from carrier service perspective

Local carrier offers the collaborated cloud and network service with understanding regulations of different vertical markets, so as to be carrier cloud service advantage.

Build Ecosystem to Facilitate Digital Transformation

China Unicom set up a capacity open platform on the basis of Huawei cloud platform, that can quickly iterative, agile to adapt to market demand.

Cloud-Enable IoT, a World of Opportunity

Operators have the ability to provide customized services, the cloud as an infrastructure, combined with the business of things will be the new opportunities of the operators.

Telefonica and Huawei: On the Road of Win-Win Cooperation

Telefonica recognizes that the cloud is a great opportunity for operators to transform to the vertical market. Open cloud architecture of OpenStack and ICT-based solutions provide operators a good opportunity in the cloud services market.

How Operators Help Digital Transformation of Industry

Any industry that wants to take advantage of change needs to do so by first understanding, do their customers want that change.It’s only shifted when the customer understands that there is a inherent value in doing so.

The opportunities and challenges that industry face in cloud area

There are many new challenges: thousands of servers in the data center, complex, large-scale systems for management, security, etc. , How to face them?

OpenStack Prospers in Complex Cloud World

Enterprises are adopting OpenStack for many reasons: interoperabilty, scalability, easy of adoption and manageablity. The technology is used increasingly as a platform that enables business transformation.

Where can cloud shine?

Cloud and digital transformation really go hand in hand. The first adoption of cloud starts in mobile applications and then prevails in enterprises. In the foreseeable future, data as a service would become a new business model with the growth of cloud.

Carriers' Cloud Transformation

Check out leader practice analyst Caroline Chappell from Heavy Reading talks about cloud transformation. How can telcos pursue business opportunities through cloud that can help them connect with customers more effectively in digital economy?

Carrier Transformation with Cloud

Digital transformation brings challenges to carriers on business growth, operation and architecture. Cloud enables carriers to develop cloud business, unified cloud architecture and agile IT services.

TBR Publishing Cloud Transformation White Paper

Cloud transformation provides the dual benefit of enabling service providers to offer improved cloud services to customers and prospects, especially enterprises and government, while also lowering the cost model for infrastructure and operations.

Cloud Transformation – The New Engine of Business Innovation

Healthcare resources in many countries are never sufficient for everyone. We can see latest technologies in the market to create new innovations to government & healthcare.

Carrier Cloud Initiatives

Carriers need to think about running both VMware and OpenStack on the same platform and then smoothly evolving to an open architecture based exclusively on OpenStack.

All Cloud, Open Cloud

Huawei Western Europe "All Cloud" strategy includes Equipment Cloudification, Network Cloudification, Business Cloudification and Operation Cloudification.

Realizing Cloudification

Realizing Cloudification is carrier cloud strategy evolution of making carrier services and operations more agile and effective through unified cloud management.

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