Network Experience PLUS

In the MBB era, user experience affects user behaviors, thereby having a direct impact to telecom operator’s revenue. As per a study conducted by Google, the search volume reduces by 8 million times each day when network latency increases by 0.4 seconds. A similar report from Amazon stated that annual revenue reduces by 1.6 billion dollars if response delay on its shopping website increases by 1 second. About 64% of global users consider network quality as the most important factor when choosing telecom operators and 48% of global users turn to other telecomoperators who can provide better network coverage, according to a survey from Yankee. The quality brand mobile broadband (MBB) is essential to help carriers meet the challenges brought on by service diversity users' high requirements on service experience and to seize leading market share.

Business Value

Superior Quality

Provide superior quality with clear voice, smooth video anytime anywhere

Leading Brand

Support customers to lead benchmark in P3/ social media/ operator group/regulator test.

High ROI

Accurate investment planning for ROI improvement.

Industry Perspective

Quality Mobile Broadband Network whitepaper

Huawei and Ovum  have jointly released a Quality Mobile Broadband Network whitepaper. Focused on achieving quality network, the paper highlights the requirements for mobile network operators to attract and retain subscribers.

Catch the Right Customers

There is value to be found when telcos segment their users, but some segments are more valuable than others. We identify six useful categories for telecoms, assess their priorities, and determine which you may want to focus on.