Experience & Value Centric Operation Transformation

Mobile internet, OTT players, and Social Networking are challenging the traditional telco business and accelerating the emergence of new business models that make operators more agile, deliver superior customer experience and reduce costs. Customer Experience Management is recognized as a key differentiator for CSPs to remain competitive. Many telecom operators are embarking on transformation towards customer centricity. Closed-loop resolution, big data analytics, multi-channel journey experience, and enterprise customer assurance are essential in delivering a true E2E Customer Experience.

Business Value

High-Quality Network Brand Construction

Fine-tunes the network, maximizes network resource utilization, and improves the user experience of voice and data services.

Fast Time-to-Market

Accelerating the time to market to realize revenues faster, increase market share and enhance brand image

Customer Experience Transformation

Explores new business revenue opportunities, predicts network risk, identifies and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes. 

ROI Improvement

Improving ROI by accurate planning and process optimization, reducing OPEX. 

Customer Experience Improvement

Enabling the best customer experience—down to individual users—requires collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data, to hold tremendous value.

Service Operations Transformation

Builds SOC (Service Operations Center) based on CPPP (Criteria, People, Process, and Platform) and helps CSPs realize E2E visualization of customer experience management.

Industry Perspective

Ovum-The changing nature of managed services in telecoms

The mobile market is becoming an increasingly challenging environment: Regulation, competition within and outside the established value chain, the appearance of new entrants and the fast-paced change in user requirements are starting to put a strain on mobile operator profit margins.

Centralized operations: Strategies for today & tomorrow

Centralization is essential if CSPs are to optimize the management of business and network operations, reduce cost, improve TTM, improve quality assurance and customer experience, and future-proof their operations.