4.5G: Connecting Giga World

Emerging services including HD video, VR, Drone, IoT, public security, and trunking network are all proposing new requirements for wireless networks. They need higher bandwidth, lower latency, and better connectivity. 4.5G is proposed with three core capabilities: Gbps, Connection+, and Experience 4.0. It enables Multi-Play diversified services, improves service experience, and extends the value chain. It marks the dawn of an era where everything is interconnected through the Gigabit wireless network, as well as a major milestone on the road to 5G.

Business Value

4G High Value Migration

Help operators reorient strategy towards potential and fallback 4G subscribers, optimize hotspot and 4G weak coverage areas, and ultimately stimulate service revenue

Mobile Video

Identify mobile video users and hotspot areas to deploy networks based on video experience, and boost data monetization

Cellular IoT

The NB-IoT technology can help operators expand their business from B2C to B2B services, diversify revenue streams, and explore "blue ocean" opportunities

Safe City

Operators can develop public security and trunking network services over the commercial LTE network. They can gain access to new growth points by expanding B2B or B2G markets

Industry Perspective

Mobile Video, a New Engine for Traffic Growth

Operators see mobile video as the new driver for traffic and revenue growth next years. Huawei is dedicated to assisting operators in finding a suitable business mode that both easy to implement and quick to win.

Related Solutions

High Value Migration Drives Fast Growth of 4G Users and Traffics

Huawei helps operators identify potential 4G subscribers by analyzing user behavior and proposes optimization plan about 4G camping ratio, fallback user and weak coverage area to develop 4G users and traffics.

Build A Sufficient Pipe to Ensure Mobile Video Experience

Under U-vMOS experience-based methodoloby, Huawei constructs accurate 4G/4.5G capabilities to assist operators quickly developing mobile video users and ensuring experience.

NB-IoT: Exploring the Next Blue Ocean Opportunity

Huawei builds the industry-leading E2E NB-IoT technology to help operators expand from B2C to B2B services, the “blue ocean” IoT opportunities.

Deploying LiTRA System to Enable Safe City Solution

LTE network can enable operators to deploy the safe city solution by video trunking service over voice trunking service. In addition, clients with emergent needs will be granted highest QoS on public security service.