FMC 2.0, Full-Service Operations

FMC 2.0 = FBB (fixed broadband) + MBB (mobile broadband) + content; video and cloud services are becoming basic internet services, and as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, smart cities, mobile payments, B2B enterprise services, and other new services continue to emerge, these services will fill pipelines with the best content and become an important driving force for the development of ultra-wideband as well as an engine of new growth for operators. Single fixed broadband or mobile broadband services can no longer meet the demand from users for differentiated experiences. Operators must fully rely on pipeline and service advantages and develop new basic services to realize integrated FBB + MBB + content commercial development to form differentiated user experiences and build differentiated competitive advantages.

FMC 2.0 is not only a key strategy for operators’ business transformations to face new competition, new challenges, and new opportunities, but it is also a prerequisite for future operators to conduct digital operations and to become digital enterprises. FMC 2.0 has already become a new norm for operator business development. Huawei's FMC 2.0 solutions are operator-oriented. Based on existing operator network resource, Huawei FMC 2.0 solutions will help operators to achieve the best networks and quickly fill network short boards, accurately developing subscribers through innovative business models and enhance user experiences.

Business Value

Network Weaknesses Quickly Filled

Through planning tools, we help mobile operators select high-value areas for fixed network coverage for fast and best-cost network construction to fill network weaknesses and develop subscribers

Fast Service TTM

Combined with the inherent characteristics of mobile operators, through lightweight OSS and other solutions, we help mobile operators achieve rapid provisioning of fixed services

Enhancing Subscriber Loyalty

Through global best business practices, we help operators explore the right full-service operator business model such as package designs to improve user experience, enhance subscriber loyalty, and maximize broadband values

Industry Perspective

OVUM: 10Mbps Broadband Becomes the Minimum Requirement for a Satisfactory Experience

OVUM recently released the global broadband experience scorecard at the global ultra-broadband forum (UBBF 2015) with research indicating that 10Mbps has already become guarantee of support for a subscriber’s broadband experience.

Embracing the Gigaband Era

The advent of the Gigaband era will be greatly beneficial to operators in the development of their broadband services. It will accelerate the implementation of smart planet and smart city initiatives, lay a solid foundation for industrial development, and advance civilization as a whole.

Huawei Unveils Video Experience Measurement System U-vMOS

Huawei unveiled its video experience evaluation system, U-vMOS, at the Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF). U-vMOS provides a unified standard to measure user experience which guides operators and the video industry chain in enhancing user satisfaction.