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With the rapid evolution of mobile communications technology and the explosive growth in Internet services, mobile communications networks have been facing unprecedented challenges. The coverage and user experience of wireless networks carrying traditional 2G and 3G voice and data services need to be continuously improved. The explosive service growth and technological innovation constantly pushes operators to upgrade their networks. How to ensure the stable development of existing basic services and satisfy network evolution requirements is an ongoing challenge for all operators.

Operators need to think of how to integrate existing network resources, how to invest accurately in ubiquitous MBB networks and to enhance user experience by means of MBB infrastructure network construction and spectrum evolution, exploring the full potential of their networks.

Business Value

Smooth Evolution

Network evolution based on user behavior helps operators improve network efficiency and better predict network development

Accurate Investment

Investment in network construction must follow the trends in service development to fully exploit the value of network inventory assets and to make sure new networks meet the needs of future development

Quality Networks

Coordinated multi-mode networking is being adopted, and new technologies are introduced daily to improve network coverage, capacity, and user experience, and to provide ubiquitous MBB services

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Maximize Network Energy Efficiency

Helps operators evaluate network energy efficiency and proposes solutions for improving energy efficiency.

Spectrum & Network Evolution

Spectrum and network evolution give out a method to solve site capacity, small cell and macro cell coordination, spectrum complete utilization.

MBB User Migration Solution

Huawei MBB user migration solution may help more subscribers enjoy better mobile network and experience.

MBB Fundamental Network

Huawei is maximizing current network asset usage by continuously exploring network potential and providing MBB networks with seamless coverage and the best user experience.