Win Video, Win All

Video is now everywhere. Video will be the next main source of revenue of operators. Video is a new untapped market into which traditional telecom operators can expand. In the future, billions of people and tens of billions of devices will connect for video, creating market opportunities worth trillions of US dollars for the ICT industry.

Win Video, Win All. Video will be a basic service of operators, driving the transformation to success in the future. By developing services for entertainment, communications, and industry videos, operators can lay a firm foundation for their digital business.

Huawei devotes itself to be a constructer of positive cycle of video ecosystem, an open, converged platform maker and an experience standard promoter. Huawei provides customers with end-to-end solutions, including business consulting, network consulting, video platforms, networks, terminal solutions, network integration, business integration, industrial cooperation, IT integration, network operation and other video services to help operators achieve commercial success

While helping operators build best video experience networks, Huawei promotes open cooperation and joint innovation across the entire ecosystem of video industry, to work together to build a flourishing video ecosystem, to achieve shared business success.

Business Value

Open Ecosystem

Open, Cooperation, Win-win.
Building a flourishing ecosystem to achieve shared business success.

Best Experience

Huawei provides customers with end-to-end video solutions, helping operators build best video experience networks.

Commercial Success

To monetize the best video experience, helping customers and cooperative partners achieve commercial success.

Industry Perspective

Win Video, Win All

With the traditional landscape of TV continuing to shift, TV is changing! There are three distinct transformations happening now that has continued to gather pace over recent years.

Video Era

This is a symphony of Video, also a movement of era.As the development of networks and devices, Video is becoming the next basic service, operators should lead the trends of Video Era.Huawei is going to meet the golden Video Era by playing the spectacular chapter with operators

Huawei's Insights on Mobile Video

More and more people are watching videos on their smart phones. 70% of the mobile traffic will be video traffic till 2018. Let's take a look of huawei experts' insight of mobile video in terms of business model, network planning and 4G network construction.

4K Brings Extreme Video Experience

4K Video is a hot topic in the video industry. It will certainly bring extreme video experience to end user but at the same time it will be a big challenge to the operators. Check out Huawei 4K experts' ideas about how operators could achieve success in 4K video service.

IHS Analyst Describes the Future Development of Asia Pay TV

Tom Morrod, Senior Director of IHS, introduce development status Pay TV market in Asia, in contrast to developed countries and regions of the video, and to analyze the future trend of Asian Pay TV market.

Best-UHD Industry Development White Paper

UHD Video Service is stepping into rapid development phase, and will be the fundamental service for UBB Network. Best-UHD will be the best video service.

Related Solutions

Hybrid Video

Huawei Hybrid Video Solution is a convergent platform that allows IPTV, OTT, mobile, and DVB video content to be accessed, managed, and operated in a unified manner.


Huawei uCDN solution provides a unified and intelligent content distribution platform. Its convergent architecture supports diversified CDNs.