Build L.I.V.E Sites

How do you lower OPEX and get your sites ready for the 5G era? We recommend L.I.V.E Site for site transformation.

Data volume is exploding with the sharp increase in new users, services, and experience. Carrier sites encounter higher energy consumption and difficult O&M. Network OPEX deducts 20% from revenue. Meanwhile, as 5G network construction expands small site and capacity in macro base stations, OPEX becomes a serious challenge.

L.I.V.E Site leads site transformation. ‘L.I.V.E’ means on-line, intelligent, visible, evolved. Its reliable, efficient, and simple features help carriers reduce OPEX and prepare for massive site construction in the coming 5G era.

The visible, manageable, and controllable intelligent management platform enables precise site operation, realizing proactive management and remote operation. Competitive network management improves energy efficiency at the component, site, and network levels. The 98% efficient rectifier, FCS, and maintenance-free thermo siphon, indoor to outdoor modes, solar power, and intelligent battery, improve network efficiency by up to 75%. Thanks to the anti-theft feature, all suspicious activity can be alerted, recorded, and linked. The introduction of smart lithium batteries reduces battery theft and protects customer assets. This is the only 5G-ready lithium battery system.

L.I.V.E Site, lean OPEX:

Energy saving: Removing diesel generators, modernization of the old power supply, saving network energy by 9%-27% from component-level, site-level to network-level;
Maintenance saving: Visible, manageable and controllable intelligent management platform enables precise and proactive maintenance, reducing O&M cost by 20%;
Rental saving: Multi-band antenna, outdoor sites, and new site types reduce rental by 30%;
Anti-theft saving: Informatization, asset digitalization, multiple anti-theft design, reducing site theft by 30%.

Business Value

Smart O&M, improving efficiency

Operate sites precisely with smart O&M as well as the visible, manageable, and controllable management platform for proactive management and remote operation

Green power, minimizing OPEX

Site energy efficiency evaluation and selection, by removing D.G., power & cooling modernaztion and smart lithium battery, reduce energy consumption cost


Achieve 1 +1 antenna modernization with single to multiple frequency antenna. Increase site transmission capacity 10-fold with a fully upgraded power system to support 5G high-capacity site models

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