Maximize Spectrum Value

Spectrum resources are indispensable to the development of mobile broadband. Yet they are often scarce and extremely expensive in certain countries, resulting in low operator ROI and insufficient motivation for development. Focusing on operator pain points, Huawei proposes solutions to enhance spectrum efficiency and solve the shortage problem. These solutions address scenarios of increased MBB capacity, smooth vertical site expansion, and maximization of spectrum asset value.

For insufficient spectrum resources, the innovative leading CloudAIR commercial solutions enable fast MBB deployment through multi-system spectrum sharing.

For MBB capacity expansion, the multi-sector multi-channel spectrum efficiency improvement solution achieves smooth, vertical expansion and maximizes spectrum asset value.

Business Value

Better Spectrum Utilization

Use spectrum on-demand with fast MBB deployment and smooth legacy-RAT longtail phase-out with CloudAIR

X times in MBB Capacity

Increase network capacity by x times and investment efficiency by 3-5 times, with an ROI<2 years with smooth nTnR/Multi-sector convergence and evolution