Maximize User Value

Subscribers are the key operator asset. For the customer journey, there are three scenarios for user operation.

User migration uses SmartCare for precise user identification, the DSP solution for fast USIM card replacement and precise device recommendation, and entry-level device and channel optimization to boost MBB user development.

User value exploration uses pricing and package optimization to boost traffic value, and UMTS/LTE-balanced network planning and investment to maximize network value.

User experience guarantee uses CEM network data analysis and smart fault tree to improve customer satisfaction and O&M efficiency.

Business Value

User structure optimization

Reduce migration period by 80% with SmartCare precise user identification, replace USIM cards in 5 minutes with DSP, and reduce 3G/4G smartphone prices to 15 USD and 20 USD with entry-level models

User value exploration

Increase package subscriptions with precise pricing and package recommendation and optimization. Combine 4G migration potential and 3G suppression status to balance network rollout and improve investment efficiency

User experience assurance

Improve customer satisfaction by 13% while reducing handling time by 30% and resolution period by 80% thanks to digital customer care

Related Solutions

SEQ Analyst

As a customer experience management platform, SEQ Analyst analyses big data to manage service quality and network performance, handle customer complaints, and support precision and real-time marketing.

DSP Solution

A next-generation solution evolved from the Huawei SingleSDB and SmartPCC solutions, the Huawei DSP solution helps carriers efficiently monetize and maximize data assets.

Manage Customer Experience

Huawei SmartCare helps to identify and rectify problems in operator networks, update service processes, target areas of improvement for customer satisfaction, help discover new business opportunities, and deliver proactive customer care.

Service Operations Center

Huawei SmartCare SOC Solution enables CSPs to establish Service Operations Centers (SOCs) that are based on CPPP. This helps CSP operations transform from network-centric to user-centric services.

Customer Experience Analytics

Using a big data platform, the Huawei SmartCare customer experience analytics solution offers Per Service Per User (PSPU) data analysis capabilities by correlating data from the Business Support System (BSS) and the Operations Support System (OSS) in the telecom network. Using customer lifecycle management, this solution helps identify and rectify problems in operator network and service processes, improve customer satisfaction and Network NPS, reduce churn, and discover new business opportunities.