Microfilm | Smart Water, Caring for Lives

This Dragon Boat Festival
Spare a thought for your loved ones back home
In the next five years
Over one billion smart water meters will be deployed worldwide
Serving billions of households
Smart Water will make water services more efficient
And make people's lives easier
Smart Water, Caring for Lives

People have sought to make connections since time immemorial.
Connections between people, connections between things, and connections between people and things.
Connections carry information from place to place. Connections strengthen the bonds between people.
By 2025, there will be 100 billion connections worldwide, powering smart cities and smart homes. Every aspect of society will undergo a digital transformation. Smart Water, a key component of smart cities, is already being rolled out worldwide supported by robust NB-IoT technologies. Remote meter reading and network monitoring will boost the efficiency of water services, and make their customers' lives substantially easier.